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Always looking for great contributors!
Send us a quick interest email to

In your email  provide your:

1. (Name, City/State, Zip, Email Address, Website)
2. Give me a brief description of what you do (250 characters max)
3. Why you would be interested in writing for MOSO Nation?

Because our target audience is micro and solo business owners, we will give preference to writers who are living the MOSO (Micro-Owner, Solo-Owner) lifestyle.

We will send additional contributing writer guidelines for you to follow. Thanks for your interest and good luck!

Charlotte Barnard is MOSO MAG’s Editor at Large
& budding MOSO!
Dyana Valentine, M.A.
Helping self-starters self-finish: one project at a time.
John Monahon is an Attorney with Trusted Counsel (Ashley), LLC,
a boutique corporate and technology law firm.
You can find him on the web at

  Crystal Street – Owner of Street Studios
Street Studios produces commercial multimedia narratives and provides photographic services to its clients on both a national and regional level.  The owner, Crystal Street, is also an award winning documentary photographer and a writer and her work can be seen at Steve Scott is a business coach who collaborates with and supports business owners and professionals. Steve is a life long entrepreneur who has walked the walk to back up the talk. If you would like to learn more about Steve go to  To accelerate the process of your successful performance check out his home study course at For email contact write to Steve at Mike Wilson is a business owner,service business consultant and speaker.  His blog Micro Business Solutions is designed to encourage, inspire and inform those desirous of having a business or those already up to their neck in it.  You can reach out to mike  via email and on his blog

3 responses to “Contributors/How to”

  1. Dyana Valentine says :

    Thrilled to be counted in the MOSO Nation numbers. Yeee-ha!

    • mosotribe says :

      Starting small, but excited about you and contributors to come! Thank you so much for fueling my aspirations and being a part of my beginnings. Continue to prosper in 2011

  2. mosotribe says :

    The best darn contributors ever!

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