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Money and a trip to Google! Reposted from

Money and a trip to Google!

Chase Offers Small Businesses a Chance at $250,000 and a Trip to Google.


SABMiller Sustaining Small & Microbusinesses

SABMiller Sustaining Small & Microbusinesses

The MOSO MAG 2011 Special Edition is Live! Check it out!

Consistency and application are what brings you victory, MOSO’s! No matter how difficult and challenging working on your passion can be at times, there is no explanation for the JOY that it brings when you’ve accomplished a task and it’s staring you in the face! I hope you enjoy this issue of MOSO MAG — I love it! If I should say so my self. Hope you’ll find value and a few nuggets to keep your aspirations fueled! Click on the COVER to view the contents of this issue.

Shout out! On Deck – Thanks for believing in the MOSO Community & Sponsoring the Special Edition MOSO MAG



A Strong Foundation in Small Business Loan Financing.

On Deck Capital was founded in 2006 to help businesses get small business loan financing when traditional bank loans are not an option. Our vision is to help small businesses get access to business loan financing. Employing a patent-pending proprietary business loan financing platform, On Deck Capital has provided over $100,000,000 in loans to date.

Headquartered in New York City, with offices in Arlington, Virginia, On Deck Capital is comprised of several entrepreneurs and small business loan financing and financial services industry veterans from GE Capital, First Data, JP Morgan, Citibank and American Express – bringing a total of 120+ years of combined financial services experience to the table.

On Deck Capital can deliver on our promise of alternative business loan financing for the small business with strong financial backing from leading venture capital investors.

“On Deck Capital is one of the best small business solutions I’ve seen in years.”
– James D. Robinson III, Former Chairman and CEO of American Express Company

For More Information on Business Loan Financing, Call Toll Free, 1.888.269.4246 or Contact Them

AEO Conference boosts brand awareness for MOSO Nation!

There aren’t words to describe my gratitude for the opportunity that was presented to me as Media Sponsor of the 20th Annual National Microenterprise Conference. If I had them (words), I would be screaming at the top of my lungs to broadcast it to the universe. So instead, I will give it justice the only way I know how, sing the praises of all the folks that were instrumental in making this new awareness of MOSO Nation happen. To Connie Evans, President & CEO of the Association for Enterprise Opportunity, thank you for believing in the MOSOs that you serve so fabulously. Thanks to the AEO Board, Staff, and Event Planning Group team who made MOSO Nation look good — I only hope I represented you well.

A BIG shout out to the AEO exhibit row crew!
1. On Deck Capital,
2. Down Home Solutions
3. Count Me In (Make Mine a Million Dollar Business)
4. Aspen Institute
5. CommonGoals Software
6. Credit Builders Alliance
7. PIDC/Portfol
8. VistaShare
We came, we exhibited, we were available. So if you missed us at the event, please click on the link and learn more about  the folks who are working hard to make your work easier as a practitioner and as a MOSO.

I can’t say enough about the opportunity I had to interview Director Business Banking, Steve Lafredo of Citibank on my Fuel Your Aspirations Blog Talk Radio Show from the conference floor on May 2, 2011. Citibank is doing great things for microenterprise in the lending space, if you didn’t know, listen in by clicking on the link above.

And where would I be without my strategic partners, Glassworks Dream Boutique and Ron Witherspoon Photography  and all the Howard University School of Communications Interns (Jarondakie Patrick, Jordane Frazier, Ayanna Alexander, Odochi Ibe, and Khalea Underwood) that did a bang up job.

From me and the MOSO Nation 20th AEO Conference Team: THANK YOU!

Fuel Your Aspirations!

Fueling your aspirations is important, but FINANCING it is imperative!

MOSO Nation is all about fueling the aspirations of micro and solo business owners, however; if you don’t have the resources or the knowledge of how to finance those aspirations — you may have a bit of a challenge. To that point, I will share a short personal case study.


I created a talk, book and methodology for young adults, in 2008, that would teach them skills that would have an impact in their lives from school age to retirement. Bringing that vision to my NOW without the financial resources to do so has become a major challenge.

A couple of things is happening here — either I’m not educated enough to find were the available resources are, or that capital(access to capital), is just not there.  Both of these things are hypothetical. I’m not quite sure what the answer is, but it’s something that all MOSOs have got to get a quick understanding of as we move into 2011 and beyond.

There is certainly a huge opportunity cost for me if I don’t get my head around the finance of the business or project that I want to undertake. I’m already loosing money — just by sheer delay and the lack of financial resources.

Help (on my way to resolution):
If you live in and around the Atlanta, Georgia area there is a great event coming up that you may want to check out! Go to the EVENTS tab on this website for more details. Special Discount for members of the MOSO Nation!

Fuel Your Aspirations!

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