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SABMiller Sustaining Small & Microbusinesses

SABMiller Sustaining Small & Microbusinesses

So it’s a New Year — and what’s up with MOSONATION?!!

Ok, I thought it would only take 90 days to reassess, release, and rejuvenate! It’s closer to 120 days. Before you know it the whole month of January is almost over. I hope that you’ve had time to process all the emotions, motivations, convictions that must have taken place during your RRR time. I sure have, and I’m ready to roll. Armed with a new MBA Graduate School Intern (who will assist me with some strategic initiatives), I hope to get my MOSONATION house in order. Isn’t this always the story of the MOSO life?

I’ve come across some very useful resources that will help you get some of your personal and business things on the right path this year.  About those resources:

MOSOs take a gander at FREELANCERS UNION it’s a wealth of knowledge about the real important stuff we should know about — particularly when it comes to taxes, insurance resources, and oh did I mention retirement!

Don’t forget the awesome ON DECK if you’re looking to expand and need money to do it please use this resource to get your financial footing in 2012. Check out stories of some of their clients in the Main Street Matters edition of MOSO MAG (click on the tab called MOSO MAG above)!

Moving Forward in 2012!

Fuel Your Aspirations!

AEO Conference boosts brand awareness for MOSO Nation!

There aren’t words to describe my gratitude for the opportunity that was presented to me as Media Sponsor of the 20th Annual National Microenterprise Conference. If I had them (words), I would be screaming at the top of my lungs to broadcast it to the universe. So instead, I will give it justice the only way I know how, sing the praises of all the folks that were instrumental in making this new awareness of MOSO Nation happen. To Connie Evans, President & CEO of the Association for Enterprise Opportunity, thank you for believing in the MOSOs that you serve so fabulously. Thanks to the AEO Board, Staff, and Event Planning Group team who made MOSO Nation look good — I only hope I represented you well.

A BIG shout out to the AEO exhibit row crew!
1. On Deck Capital,
2. Down Home Solutions
3. Count Me In (Make Mine a Million Dollar Business)
4. Aspen Institute
5. CommonGoals Software
6. Credit Builders Alliance
7. PIDC/Portfol
8. VistaShare
We came, we exhibited, we were available. So if you missed us at the event, please click on the link and learn more about  the folks who are working hard to make your work easier as a practitioner and as a MOSO.

I can’t say enough about the opportunity I had to interview Director Business Banking, Steve Lafredo of Citibank on my Fuel Your Aspirations Blog Talk Radio Show from the conference floor on May 2, 2011. Citibank is doing great things for microenterprise in the lending space, if you didn’t know, listen in by clicking on the link above.

And where would I be without my strategic partners, Glassworks Dream Boutique and Ron Witherspoon Photography  and all the Howard University School of Communications Interns (Jarondakie Patrick, Jordane Frazier, Ayanna Alexander, Odochi Ibe, and Khalea Underwood) that did a bang up job.

From me and the MOSO Nation 20th AEO Conference Team: THANK YOU!

Fuel Your Aspirations!

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