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Money and a trip to Google! Reposted from

Money and a trip to Google!

Chase Offers Small Businesses a Chance at $250,000 and a Trip to Google.

SABMiller Sustaining Small & Microbusinesses

SABMiller Sustaining Small & Microbusinesses

So it’s a New Year — and what’s up with MOSONATION?!!

Ok, I thought it would only take 90 days to reassess, release, and rejuvenate! It’s closer to 120 days. Before you know it the whole month of January is almost over. I hope that you’ve had time to process all the emotions, motivations, convictions that must have taken place during your RRR time. I sure have, and I’m ready to roll. Armed with a new MBA Graduate School Intern (who will assist me with some strategic initiatives), I hope to get my MOSONATION house in order. Isn’t this always the story of the MOSO life?

I’ve come across some very useful resources that will help you get some of your personal and business things on the right path this year.  About those resources:

MOSOs take a gander at FREELANCERS UNION it’s a wealth of knowledge about the real important stuff we should know about — particularly when it comes to taxes, insurance resources, and oh did I mention retirement!

Don’t forget the awesome ON DECK if you’re looking to expand and need money to do it please use this resource to get your financial footing in 2012. Check out stories of some of their clients in the Main Street Matters edition of MOSO MAG (click on the tab called MOSO MAG above)!

Moving Forward in 2012!

Fuel Your Aspirations!

Epiphany Alert! – Make sure your financial footing is solid.

I really had to think about this post before I put it out for public viewing — it seemed like a fine line between my thoughts on the MOSO lifestyle and getting a job (by the way I heard that the acronym JOB stands for “Just Over Broke” — well we don’t want that). Here’s what I want to say before you read the rest of this post, if you’re pursuing your JOB with purpose and NOT JUST working for a paycheck (but as a means for financial stability, so you can pursue your MOSO passions — then getting a job may not be a bad idea in the context of my post). Ok — I think you’ve got it. Here we go……..

You know you’ll get a lot of epiphany moments when you Re-assess, Release, and Rejuvenate! Ooooh but this weekend I had a big one. Is it ok for me to be transparent?

I’ve taken pride in being out on my own with NO ASSISTANCE, cutting my teeth on the good, bad, and ugly of small buisness ownership.  (SAD TO SAY IT) But I would snub at folks who had worked their way up the corporate ladder and decided to step out into entrepreneurship as if they hadn’t done it the way “real” entrepreneurs did it — I know that’s horrible, but just being real.

I had an epiphany this weekend! As i re-assess (October is my Re-assess month), I do a lot of self-evaluation and reflection — what’s going on with me REALLY, is the question I must answer. As I struggle to find financial stability in my MOSO business, I believed I was doing a great thing — following my passion. The truth of the matter is that I was creating an atmosphere that promoted LACK — NOT ENOUGH. For instance, making ends meet (a big one for me), how I would generate the finances of the next project, and so on while I built this wonderful, fulfilling business of mine.

Who would have thought that my constant thoughts of making ends meet, paying the next bill, how I was going to get the next business project off the ground without money, etc. was the very thing that was causing my efforts to go un-fulfilled (That LACK – NOT ENOUGH mentality). Gist of it is this ……

I won’t have those snub thoughts any longer about the 9to5 entrepreneur. Actually strategically getting a job while you get things going is probably a more solid idea to MOSO living. And you could find that you will enjoy the process,when you’re not having to concern yourself with “just getting by” and that becomes your every moment thought. 

Don’t get me wrong — I’m a MOSO chick for life. But my perspective about how MOSO living can work is slightly changing. This 90 Days to Re-assess, Release & Rejuvenate allows me to be free from distractions so that I can HEAR myself better.

I’m all for fueling aspirations, more so when we are doing it with the right tools and with transformational information. Always do what’s best for you — I’m just sharing my epiphany today — it was truly enlightening.

Fuel Your Aspirations!

Be honest — are you working your passion or just working?

Ok — this really spoke to me this morning. So I’m sharing with information with you so you too can experience how it fueled my aspirations! I worked with Elizabeth (Beth) Dowd and Office Angels several years ago — at a crossroad — on whether to get a fulltime corporate gig or staying out on my own, as a MOSO. Well, my issue was really about how I could successfully do both. I don’t believe you have to choose one over the other (that’s my opinion), until you HAVE to REALLY make a choice. Sometimes life just throws you that curve ball, right?

On the other side of that, I’ve got many MOSO friends who hold down careers (the 9to5 entrepreneur) while they pursue their passions. I believe that your full-time work should be your passion as well.  What Beth and Office Angels have put together in this program is awesome, and at the many crossroads you’ll face in life, it’s really good to know that you can WORK YOUR PASSION.

  • Do you jump out of bed when the alarm clock goes off, knowing the day holds adventure, challenge and satisfaction?
  •  Did you know that 80% of adults working in large organizations say they’re not using their strengths in their everyday jobs?
  •  Why is it that the longer an employee stays with an organization and the higher he climbs the traditional  corporate ladder, the less likely he is to strongly agree that he is playing to his strengths?

Forget what “everyone” is saying about the job market and global recession. Now is the time to _nd your dream job even if you have to switch careers to do it.

  1.  Discover what you were truly meant to do and where you were meant to do it
  2. Create a customized resume and cover letter that will set you apart from other candidates
  3. Identify target-rich posting sites
  4. Present a professionally packaged image
  5. Master the interviewing process
  6. Negotiate the perfect offer
  7. Execute follow-up activities to close the deal

Best of all, Beth supports you with unlimited telephone and email support until you land that dream job.

Don’t believe us—here’s what two of Beth’s former clients had to say:

I just landed my dream job! The smartest thing I did was hire Beth with Office Angels who re-wrote my resume and, even more importantly, coached me on what to do and what not to do to get my dream job. She helped me to know where to go to look and then she coached me on every aspect of the interviewing process. I felt extremely well prepared and competitivethanks to Beth.” ~Jan D. Geiger

Elizabeth D. Dowd, Career Coach
Working Your Passion – Office Angels

Fuel Your Aspirations!


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