When the time is right . . . . . Break Through!

When the time is right there are a few things that will suggest to you that you are at the point of Break Through in your life, business, where wealth is concerned for you, and when you’re about to truly impact community! Time and time again micro, solo and main street business owners are going through this process of getting to “Break Through”. Some of us reach that point quickly — for others, it takes years. Regardless of what category you and I fall in — it’s got to happen.

Here are a few things to focus your energy on:

1.  Break Through is already present (consistency is the key to Break Through)

2.  Having a foundation of like-minded support and financial stability will help you establish your dreams quickly

3.  Don’t stop dreaming (continue to turn up the volume on your thoughts & passions)

The economy is going to do what it’s going to do, but in the midst of all that STUFF —

when the time is right . . . . .BREAK THROUGH!

Just a little something something to Fuel Your Aspirations!
Monique (Tribe Chief Rambler)



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One response to “When the time is right . . . . . Break Through!”

  1. Mike Wilson says :

    If you keep knocking, you never know when the right door will open for you. If you quit knocking, you will never know . . .

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