So on September 20th I posted on the MOSONATION.COM blog that I was taking  90 days to reassess, release, and rejuvenate (RRR). Sounds like a lot of time huh? Well it will be January 1, 2012 before you can even say boo. Well a week prior to that post I started reading a book called BUSINESS ACUMEN: Insights from the faculty and friends of the Coles College of Business by Sheb True, Ph.D. a professor from my alma mater Kennesaw State University. Oh my goodness — it’s so good. I’m not just saying that because I’m a graduate of their Executive MBA Program (yes I’m a proud OWL), but really — the articles in this book will cause you to think about how you conduct business in the area of Strategy & Leadership.

Though our creative thought process and business interactions may be different, small, micro and solo business owners still have to think like the large corporations who must consider organizational culture and the happiness of the individuals that work for them (even on project teams). I’m just tooting my horn about this book! Let me jus give you a little light into the articles I will be consuming from this book over the next 90 days:

1. Managing Happiness: Tapping the Power of the Individual, W. Ken Harmon
2. Organizational Character Equals Strategic Execution, George E. Manners, Jr.
3. It’s The Culture, Stupid, Dana R. Hermanson
4. Globalization of Financial Services for the Unbanked and Underbanked

I know you’re probably wondering why a creative like myself would enjoy these kinds of articles, well I’m the consummate learner and this stuff excites me (I’m a business nerd). Tons of other articles to read ……but you’ve got to get the book.

1. Lessons in Leading by Example, Billy Hayes
2. Leading Through Relationships, Jean Creech Avent
3. Entrepreneurship vs. Employment: Take Charge of Your Destiny as a Leader!, Harsha V. Agadi

I love reading about change and new concepts in business. Most importantly I like reading about what our young adults are learning in our Colleges & Universities these days, as it relates to business. Here’s the link to the netbook if you’re interested in reading an article or two. Enjoy!

Fuel Your Aspirations!


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