90 Days to Reassess, Release, and Rejuvenate

Every year’s end, for the past 4 years, I’ve embarked on a 90 day passage to reassess, release, and rejuvenate (RRR) personally and in business. It is the time of year when I prepare for FINALS. In my quest to make sure that my day to day business is a success, I don’t typically take time to breathe and plan – because I’m moving at warp speed. During this time, I’m hoping that whatever I planned the year prior is still in effect – Isn’t that interesting?

Well, the time has come for FINALS and there are 3 R’s that help me to be exam ready!

Reassess:  In order for me to know if I’ve added value to my business or if I’ve added value to the customers and clients I serve – there is some reassessing to do, right? For example: As a micro/solo consulting business, with multiple clients, I like to reassess whether I’ve fairly given all my clients the amount of time and energy necessary to help expand their businesses. Am I giving my customers/clients more in USE value than in MONETARY value (I can do a whole blog post on that alone)? If you’re cheating your customer/clients in USE value, then increase is deferred. If there is an inkling of question in this area, then this is a great place to start the RRR process. This is the time to make necessary adjustments.

Release: When I get to a place where I’ve reassessed and made the necessary adjustments, and now I can RELEASE it’s a beautiful thing! However; I find that this can be very difficult for the driven, save the world centric, and most ambitious of business owners (I’m talking about me –ha). Releasing is a very emotional, mental, challenging process for me. For example: I want to save the world – no really, I do. I want to be the best marketer of my clients – with no mistakes, lapse in judgment, just perfect. On a more personally note – I want to save my family from all the distresses the world would bring, financially, emotionally, and spiritually. Well, the reality of that is, I’m not GOD. So hence; I must RELEASE – there’s a lesson there that I need to learn real QUICK.

And then there is Rejuvenate: I like this! I need this. For example: MOSO NATION is all about fueling aspirations! It’s about the rejuvenate aspect of business. I know for sure that my micro/solo business would not have been in existence since 2001 if this weren’t an on-going process at the end of each year. I really look forward to rejuvenating and sharing that energy with others for the purpose of their own stick-to-itiveness. So after all that reassessing, releasing, and rejuvenating, January 1, 2012 looks really SWEET doesn’t it?

Take the 90 Day RRR Challenge with me. October 1  thru December 31.

Fuel Your Aspirations!

Chief Tribe Rambler


6 responses to “90 Days to Reassess, Release, and Rejuvenate”

  1. amenique says :


    This post is definitely fuel for our aspirations! What a way to wind down a year in order to begin the new with a “Re-frame” of the game. I believe that your process is the game changer that many of us need from year to year.

    Thank you!


  2. Mike Wilson says :

    I want to add another “r” to describe your blog–“REFRESHING.” I’ve been out of pocket for a bit, and it was nice to read this and step back and think about what I am doing everyday.

  3. mosotribe says :

    Thank you Lynne for this kind gesture. I do appreciate the nomination for the Versitle Blog Awards. To all the late blooming entrepreneurs out there, it’s NEVER too LATE! Take time over the next 90 days to RRR! Your 2012 will be powerful/! — Lynne @ latebloomingentrepreneurs.wordpress.com — thanks for sharing the LOVE.

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