Fueling your aspirations is important, but FINANCING it is imperative!

MOSO Nation is all about fueling the aspirations of micro and solo business owners, however; if you don’t have the resources or the knowledge of how to finance those aspirations — you may have a bit of a challenge. To that point, I will share a short personal case study.


I created a talk, book and methodology for young adults, in 2008, that would teach them skills that would have an impact in their lives from school age to retirement. Bringing that vision to my NOW without the financial resources to do so has become a major challenge.

A couple of things is happening here — either I’m not educated enough to find were the available resources are, or that capital(access to capital), is just not there.  Both of these things are hypothetical. I’m not quite sure what the answer is, but it’s something that all MOSOs have got to get a quick understanding of as we move into 2011 and beyond.

There is certainly a huge opportunity cost for me if I don’t get my head around the finance of the business or project that I want to undertake. I’m already loosing money — just by sheer delay and the lack of financial resources.

Help (on my way to resolution):
If you live in and around the Atlanta, Georgia area there is a great event coming up that you may want to check out! Go to the EVENTS tab on this website for more details. Special Discount for members of the MOSO Nation!

Fuel Your Aspirations!


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